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Mulch Utah is a wholesaler of premier bulk wood mulch products. To ensure the highest level of cleanliness, all of our colored mulches and rec-step certified playground material are processed and stockpiled directly onto paved surfaces. in addition, our products are derived from virgin trees.

While most trees are used to create mulch our products are derived from existing projects (clearing of roads, housing tracks, etc.) Mulch Utah also offers a variety of premium colored and imported mulches.


What’s the point in having the best products available if you can’t deliver the goods? At Mulch Utah we take tremendous pride in our FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE. While some companies are at the mercy of independent trucking companies, we maintain a fleet of trucks, trailers, and crews to ensure you have the product you want – when you want it. In fact, many deliveries are made within a few hours to no more than a few days of placing your order.

Our customers return to us year after year because of our commitment to excellence and our superb mulch products. We have over 16 years of experience in the landscape industry and we are dedicated to providing the best mulch installation service possible.


Mulch Utah is Utah’s Premier Mulch Installation Company. We service a wide variety of commercial and residential projects including: Business Centers, Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Churches, single family homes, duplexes, etc. just to name a few.

At Mulch Utah we are very passionate about providing the very best customer service and value for your money. We ONLY hire the best personnel to fulfill each clients needs to a tee. Mulch Utah has maximized efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, we have an expert team of installers on staff that provide fast, friendly, and professional service for your property.

We want to continue to partner with you to help keep your commercial and/or residential property’s curb appeal looking crisp with regular applications of new mulch. As you know, fresh mulch makes your entire property look well maintained and gives a great first impression.

Mulch layers are normally two inches or more deep when applied.
They are applied at varies times of the year depending on the purpose. Towards the beginning of the growing season mulches serve initially to warm the soil by helping it retain heat which is lost during the night. This allows early seeding and transplanting of certain crops, and encourages faster growth. As the season progresses, mulch stabilizes the soil temperature and moisture, and prevents the growing of weeds from seeds. In temperate climates, the effect of mulch is dependent upon the time of year they are applied and when applied in fall and winter, are used to delay the growth of perennial plants in the spring or prevent growth in winter during warm spells, which limits freeze thaw damage.

RUBBER MULCH nuggets in a playground. The white fibers are nylon cords, which are present in the tires which the mulch is made from.
SHREDDED WOOD used as mulch. This type of mulch is often dyed to improve its appearance in the landscape.

Organic mulches
Organic mulches decay over time and are temporary. The way a particular organic mulch decomposes and reacts to wetting by rain and dew affects its usefulness.
Wood chips

Wood chips are a by-product of the pruning of trees by arborist, utilities and parks; they are used to dispose of bulky waste. Tree branches and large stems are rather coarse after chipping and tend to be used as a mulch at least three inches thick. The chips are used to conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperature and suppress weed growth. The decay of freshly produced chips from recently living woody plants, consumes nitrate; this is often off set with a light application of a high-nitrate fertilizer. Wood chips are most often used under trees and shrubs. When used around soft stemmed plants, an unmulched zone is left around the plant stems to prevent stem rot or other possible diseases. They are often used to mulch trails, because they are readily produced with little additional cost outside of the normal disposal cost of tree maintenance. Wood chips come in various colors.

Woodchip mulch

Woodchip mulch is a by-product of reprocessing used (untreated) timber (usually packaging pallets), to dispose of wood waste by creating woodchip mulch. The chips are used to conserve soil moisture, moderate soil temperature and suppress weed growth. Woodchip mulch is often used under trees, shrubs or large planting areas and can last much longer than arborist mulch. In addition, many consider woodchip mulch to be visually appealing, as it comes in various colors. Woodchips can also be reprocessed into playground woodchip to be used as an impact-attenuating playground surfacing.



    A client retention of over 92% is compelling testimony to the value of long-term relationships Mulch Utah cultivates every day – and the reason more real estate professionals prefer the advantages of a local, quality driven firm.

    Mulch Utah has been developing and refining systems that manage and appreciate the value of our clients landscapes and consistently deliver extraordinary customer service.

  • Product, Delivery & Installation

    With Mulch Utah product, delivery, and installation is always included.

  • Third party quality control

    Mulch Utah is the only product installation company that has a quality control vehicle that monitors quality on 100% of our projects.

  • Mission Statement

    Customer satisfaction, quality of work, stellar service, and exceeding customers expectations is Mulch Utah’s number one priority.

e Title

Proud To Be 100% Woman Owned

A client retention of over 92% is compelling testimony to the value of long-term relationships Mulch Utah cultivates every day – and the reason more real estate professionals prefer the advantages of a local, quality driven firm.

Mulch Utah has been developing and refining systems that manage and appreciate the value of our clients landscapes and consistently deliver extraordinary customer service. Site quality audits and enhancement recommendations are performed regularly. The property manager enjoys the peace of mind knowing the landscape is truly managed professionally.

Numerous companies are older or larger and some have grown very quickly. Mulch Utah is growing as planned, has remained true to its Organizational Values and Corporate Objectives.

Mulch Utah is an extraordinary Company providing high quality landscape product management with unsurpassed customer service. Our clients are managed pro-actively as partners. The profits to invest in our people and operations are derived from performing as a team of caring professionals.

  • Bark mulch is a plant mulch made from tree bark. It is available at many garden stores, and for people who happen to live near a sawmill, it is sometimes possible to obtain bark mulch for free or at low cost, as bark is a waste material for many mills. This low cost mulching material is very popular among some gardeners, and there are a number of different types of bark available.

  • Mulch is applied to a garden for a number of reasons, including a desire to keep weeds down, to help the soil retain water, and to enrich the soil over time. Mulched gardens also tend to have a more even, finished look which is considered desirable for some gardeners. Bark mulch is ideally suited to mulching because it breaks down fairly readily, enriching the soil without trapping nutrients and water in the mulch, and it can be very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Cedar and pine are popular barks for mulching. The bark can be broken into chips or ground into finer material, with some companies dying their bark mulch while others leave it naturally colored. For small plants, a finer bark mulch is recommended, because chips can overwhelm the plants visually since they are so large. A large chip mulch can also tend to encourage weeds, which can grow in the cracks between pieces of mulch, and it can take longer to break down, appearing ratty long before it has broken down all the way, which encourages gardeners to add more mulch before the previous mulch has been absorbed all the way.

  • Gardeners should apply bark mulch at about a finger’s depth, raking it to ensure that it is evenly distributed. It is also important to give plants some breathing room, rather than mounding mulch up around them. Mulch must also be allowed to completely break down before a new layer of mulch is applied. If mulch is partially broken down and unpleasing to look at, it should be removed before more mulch is added. Layering mulch on top of mulch can increase the acidity of the mulch, which is bad for the plants, and it can trap water and nutrients in the mulch before they have a chance to reach the soil.

  • When selecting bark for mulch, gardeners may want to consider the needs of the plants they are growing. Some bark mulches can be acidic, which may endanger plants which prefer neutral to alkaline conditions. If gardeners are not sure about the pH of the mulch they are considering, they should ask the staff at a garden store for more information and recommendations.

What is the difference between potting mix, and gardening soil, or topsoil?

All soils are not created equal! It may surprise you to know that our planting mixes have been carefully formulated by research scientists to help your plants thrive in different growing situations. Potting mix is specially blended to hold the correct amount of moisture in a container. Gardening soils and topsoils are meant to be mixed at least 50/50 with the native soil to maximize the performance of plants in outdoor planting beds. When used in a container, Gardening and topsoils may stay too moist and promote root rot of your plants. They also have a tendency to shrink and pull away from the sides of the container when allowed to dry out too much. Potting soil used in an outdoor planting bed may be too well-draining and the bed could dry out too quickly.

When looking into what is potting soil and what is topsoil, you’ll find out that they have very little in common. In fact, potting soil may have no actual soil in it at all. It needs to drain well while staying aerated, and each manufacturer has its own special blend. Ingredients such as sphagnum moss, coir or coconut husks, bark, and vermiculite are mixed together to give a texture that holds growing roots, delivering food and moisture while allowing the proper drainage required for potted plants.

Topsoil, on the other hand, has no specific ingredients and can be the scraped top from weedy fields or other natural spaces mixed with sand, compost, manure and a number of other ingredients. It doesn’t work well by itself, and is meant to be more of a soil conditioner than an actual planting medium.

Mulch Utah will come evaluate your project and give you the proper recommendation as to which soil and specs to use. We carry an array of Garden Soils, Potting soils, topsoil, and topsoil blends.

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